the book: Nieuw Nederland

The initiator is Rensley Vitoria, who was born and raised in the district. The book is the tribute to the neighborhood to which he owes a  lot: in his own words, the neighborhood has shaped him to into who hi is today.

Neiwu Nedrland is rougly between Penstraat and Oranjestraat and developed mainly thorugh the arrival of immigrants who came to work for the oil refinery. In addition to the English-speaking Caribbean islands, they also came from Portugal, venezuela, Colombia, Suriname, the Dominican Republic, as well as Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao. 

Victoria indicates that he worked on the book for more than two years, with the support of a team of perofessionals onsisting of translators designers, interviewers, photographers and text and image editors. 

The book is for sale for $34,99 or Naf.60 

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